5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use 2

5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use

Some of the most amazing free web apps for bloggers, which will enhance your creative work-flow and save up lots of your precious time.

Free Web Apps

This are some of the most popular web apps used by thousands of bloggers every day. Which entirely free for every one.

#1 Squoosh.App

5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use 3
Squoosh App

Squoosh.App is very powerful web app, this helps in compressing images for web use. Squoosh.App is free to use and has simple interface, just drag and drop your image and compress it smaller or larger as you want your image to be.

Some for the compression format it includes are:

  • OptiPNG
  • MozJPGE
  • WebP
  • BrowserPNG
  • BrowserJPGE
  • Browser WebP
  • Free Web Apps

Even our every single image was compressed in Squoosh.App, It is one of the best in the business.

#2 Ubersuggest

5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use 4

Ubersuggest is a Rank checking site that is absolutely free web app for every blogger out there. Ubersuggest was developed by Neil Patel who is a very famous entrepreneur, analytics expert, and investor.

Ubersuggest has some of the premium features which is free for now like Site Backlink checking, Keyword Researching, Site Analysis and many more.

Some of the features which are very useful for bloggers are:

  • Keyword ideas
  • Content Ideas
  • Top Pages
  • Keyword Searching
  • Site Audit
  • Backlinks Checking, etc
  • So this also included in our Best Free Web Apps list.

#3 Pixabay

5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use 5

Pixabay is an image-sharing community site where you get Royalty Free or in other words, Copyright Free Images and Videos, which you can use anywhere even as a commercial form or in blogs.

Pixabay has over 2 Million high-quality images and videos many still about to come, Which makes it one of the biggest platforms all over the internet and it makes one of the Best Free Web Apps.

Some of the Royalty free files it provides are:

  • Photos
  • Illustration
  • Vectors
  • Videos
  • Music, etc

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#4 Remove.bg

5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use 6
Remove your Background

Remove.bg is an excellent free web app for removing image backgrounds with the help of Artificial intelligence, it is one of the Incredible Free web apps That can make your workflow easy, creative and time-saving.

Remove.bg also working on a new video background removing tool which is under beta version but you can try its new video background tool by visiting their Website now.

You can remove the background of Animals, Peoples, Cars and even Products in just a single click, it automatically detects the background and removes it efficiently.

#5 Evernote

5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use 7

Evernote is one of the best Free Web App for note-taking and document managing, this also provides multi-device sync option.

Store your ideas and inspiration notes when ever you want evn voice and pictures. Which you will never lose, its always at click of a button access it when ever you went it.

Some of the useful features which makes Evernote different from others are:

  • Web clipper
  • Multi-Device Sync
  • Search Handwriting
  • Notebooks and Tags
  • Document Scanning
  • PDF and Document Search

So, this is our cover of 5 Best Free Web Apps For Bloggers Must Use, That can improve Productivity, Creativity, Easy and Time Saving.

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