New OxygenOS 11 Few Things Need To Fix For Fluent Experience 2

New OxygenOS 11 Few Things Need To Fix For Fluent Experience

Oxygen Os is an android based operating system by OnePlus which is developed by a Chinese smartphone company BBK released in March 2015. It is an open-source operating system. It gives us the best experience of stock android user interface and features. OxygenOS was actually developed for the overseas market and has also another version of its which is named Hydrogen OS for the Chinese market. 

Note: OxygenOS is written in C++, JAVA and supported in over 40 languages.  This version of the operating system is integrated fewer services that actually rely on Google Oxygen OS 11 have been teased out, however, there is no leak of the stable version yet.

Compared to another version of Os it has a new interface, always-on display, dark mode has been upgraded, some updated apps, Zen mode, and many more. The first version of OxygenOS was 2.0 and 2.1.1 includes off-screen gestures, customized icons, app permissions, dark mode, and many more.

Oxygen OS Features Need To Be Fixed or Improved

New OxygenOS 11

The second version of Os 3.0 was released on 14 June 2016, with a few more modifications and changes. And so on it continued to improve on every update till OxygenOS 11 which is introduced in OnePlus 8/8T smartphones. But now they need to fix some of the issues found in a newer version of Oxygen OS 11:

Dark Mode:

In the recent OxygenOS update there is an Accessibility Issue found in the Dark Mode Toggle which is a very inappropriate place, Unlike in the other Android UI Skin they provide a toggle to Enable/Disable Dark Mode into the Notification Bar whereas in OxygenOS no such features have provided. They need to add the toggle option into the Notification Bar for a better user experience and ease.

Earlier they have decided to add this feature in the upcoming OxygenOS update and it was added in the early phase of the Build but they drop it into the official build of the OS.

Oxygen OS Launcher:

OnePlus has one of the best launchers, even some say it is a better and polished launcher than Google’s stock UI/Launcher. OnePlus team tries to keep the launcher close to Stock Android and the end-user experience is amazingly fast and great UI animation.

But there are few tweaks to be made in Oxygen OS to complete the launcher and competitive into the recent market. Tweaks like No select all app feature is available, they need to put this feature it comes very handily while operating the task Uninstalling or putting the Apps in a folder.

Custom UI like MIUI, Realme UI, and a few others already provide this feature from very early but OxygenOS miss these. They can also add few advanced features like minimizing and maximizing the icon from the home page and adapting font and navigation bar into the home screen setting.

No One Hand Mode:

As nowadays phones are getting pretty big so as OnePlus, so they need to provide a one-hand mode in OxygenOS because this will help in navigating easily and efficiently. The beta build of OxygenOS has this feature built into their launcher but they didn’t push it in official OxygenOS. Hope they bring this feature in a future build of the OS not the lite one but the full-featured one-hand mode.

this is the most requested feature by the OnePlus community, many other requested features have already seen the daylight and few others to be added in the future.

Hidden Space:

OxygenOS comes with many security features like app-lock, app permission protection, secure transaction protection, etc. So they should add more security features like improved hidden space because many other custom skin already come with this feature. Oxygen OS already have this feature only for apps but they need to also make it for photos and videos, the file manager in oxygen OS has a lock-box that does the same job but not as flexible as other custom skin

So they need to improve hidden space in their upcoming built of the OS.

Miscellaneous Bugs In OxygenOS:

OxygenOS Bugs

OnePlus has a very good record to keep the OS up-to-date and fix bugs as soon as possible also the OnePlus community has a very big hand into figuring out the bugs and reporting it to the Company. But there are few bugs that need to be fixed in the upcoming update which includes:

  • Black Bar in Netflix – They need to fix the black bar while streaming videos over the Netflix App because that bar isn’t look good anymore, specially if you have a great AMOLED Display. This also happens in few other Apps and Games.
  • Always on Display – The always on display is that bright as it should be or as other competitor.


After all Oxygen OS is a very polished and smooth custom skin developed by OnePlus, which is also fast and lightweight while they kept it close to Stock Android. I love to use my Oneplus smartphone and also I am a big fan of its ecosystem and will be using/supporting it further. They have the best team of all and hope they fix these issues As Soon As Possible. Thanks

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