New WhatsApp Features to Arrive in 2020 2

New WhatsApp Features to Arrive in 2020

After WhatsApp Acquired by Facebook, it’s making lots of mainstream news now and then, While adding new features and fixes.

So here are some of the new feature which you might see in upcoming WhatsApp update 2020, As the world is suffering from COVID-19 Pandemic, Lots of unreliable and fake news stated forwarding in WhatsApp.

So to trace that fake forwarded messages, WhatsApp going to get new message tracking feature.

New WhatsApp Features to Arrive:

New What's App Feature To Arrive in 2020
WhatsApp New Features

Recently, A red tick and triple blue tick fake news where spreading around the WhatsApp, Which says:

  • A double blue tick indicates “Message read by the recipient but not seen by Govt”
  • Triple blue tick says “Message read by Govt and found Ok” And
  • Bluetick followed by Red tick “Message read by Govt and found Not Ok” (Police will arrest you soon)
  • So we included this in our fake New WhatsApp Features.

According to this WhatsApp ScreenShot:

New WhatsApp Features to Arrive in 2020
Fake WhatsApp Forward

Whats App also working on Advance search:

Previously WhatsApp Search features only allowed a user to search the specific messages, not other files or attachments, but after this new feature will hit the WhatsApp very soon and then you can search other files like Images, Videos, Documents and voice messages, etc.

This feature will make users search for anything to old messages, photos, and videos into WhatsApp faster and efficiently.

Biometrics Authentication securities for IOS user:

WhatsApp is at long last going to include biometric confirmation support for ios clients, while Android clients will get it inside a couple of months after numerous rounds of highlight testing.

The two iOS and Android clients can without much of a stretch have their applications bolted consequently and effectively opened utilizing their own fingerprints.

Likewise, clients can even pick how much genuine time the application will secure consequently, directly from quickly in the wake of shutting, to only one moment after, or thirty minutes after. Clients will have the option to pick whether their messages’ substance will be obvious in the notices, which incorporate the sender of the message.

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No Auto-Download In WhatsApp:

Next WhatsApp features the update will give you the option by which you can enable auto-download for images and videos or you can disable the auto-download feature. This will save mobile data and phone storage, it is a feature requested by many users before so now WhatsApp finally going to add this in an upcoming update.

Blocking Contacts In Groups:

In the most recent beta update, another WhatsApp includes that is spotted in the intrinsic capacity to isolate blocked contacts into classes without any problem.

It will naturally amass the whole blocked contacts list following especially explicit criteria that implies the entirety of your business contacts can without much of a stretch be moved to a different area.

New group privacy update:

For a long time, we are testing or hearing, That WhatsApp has at long last discharged the refreshed gathering security settings on a worldwide scale. So as to discover these refreshed protection settings for the gatherings, you have to go to the real Settings Menu and afterward tap Account, trailed by Privacy and Groups.

You will discover there ‘My Contacts Except” a choice which is neighboring the current ‘Everybody’ just as ‘My Contacts’ choices. This specific WhatsApp up and coming component gives you the control to effortlessly choose which explicit gets in touch with you wish to add to your gathering in texts.

Self-immolation messages is the most rumoured upcoming WhatsApp feature:

Another update that clients can hope to see on Whatsapp is simply the alternative self-immolation messages. Clients will have the option to set a clock on the messages and once the clock is finished, the message will get erased consequently, leaving no hint of its reality. The update is relied upon to come soon on WhatsApp Beta. This is why we have included this in our New WhatsApp Features to Arrive in 2020.

Some of the bad things WhatsApp must fix are:

  • Bad Call Quality over 4g.
  • Filtration of adult content forwarding.
  • Better noise cancellation while voice calling.
  • Strong Privacy Policy, etc.


There are some of the features that may come in upcoming WhatsApp updates, There are also many features to come in upcoming updates that we haven’t covered in this blog post this only includes New WhatsApp Features to Arrive in 2020. So stay tuned for further updates and news.

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