Top 10 Websites Useful for Bloggers and Web Designer 2

Top 10 Websites Useful for Bloggers and Web Designer

Some of the most amazing Top 10 websites for bloggers and web designer that can enhance their workflow and help them in many different ways. This website makes you more productive and motivated, this also borrows you lots of your precious time.

So lets begin with ours Top 10 websites list:

#1 What WordPress Theme is that

Top 10 Websites for Bloggers and Web Designer
What wordpress theme is that?

What WordPress theme is that is one of the well-liked web application which helps in detecting which theme or plugin is used for your opponent. If you want to know which websites are using what theme then you can just paste its URL and you are good to go.

Its will scan the website and give you the result, which includes the information of :

  • Theme Name:
  • Theme homepage:
  • Description:
  • Author of the theme:
  • Author Homepage URL:
  • A version of the theme:
  • The license that theme holds and:
  • Themes ScreenShot:
  • List of the plugins:
  • Name and Author of the plugin, etc. which under our Top 10 Websites.

#2 Tools.Pingdom

Top 10 Websites Useful for Bloggers and Web Designer 3

Tools.Pingdom is a website analysis tool that provides pieces of information like Performance grade, Page size, Load time, Requests and many more details, and those reports you can download and keep the analysis of your sites.

The content size scanning includes:

  • Java script
  • Images
  • Fonts
  • CSS codes
  • HTML codes
  • XHR and Redirects
  • Server response time
  • Which makes this tool in our Top 10 Websites.

#3 Adobe.Color

If you cannot guess which colors to use on your website while you are building it, then Adobe. The color will help you do it. Its have 9 different modes to work with and it is very simple to find the colors you and with even color codes.

You can also guess what colors other websites are using with guessing features. It is one of the best free tools for bloggers and Specially web designers. The reason we included in our Top 10 websites.

#4 Pixabay

Top 10 Websites Useful for Bloggers and Web Designer 4

Pixabay is a picture sharing network website where you get Royalty Free or as it were, Copyright Free Images and Videos, which you can utilize anyplace even as a business structure or in web journals.

Pixabay has more than 2 Million top-notch pictures and recordings many still going to come, Which makes it perhaps the greatest stage everywhere throughout the web and it makes outstanding amongst other Free Web Apps.

Some of the Royalty free files it provides are:

  • Photos
  • Illustration
  • Vectors
  • Videos
  • Music, etc

#5 GTMetrix

Top 10 Websites Useful for Bloggers and Web Designer 5

GTMetrix is similar to Tools.Pingdom but its totally free, It advances scan your website and analyzes your site’s speed and performance and also gives you the result which considers slow and speed parts of your website.

GTMetrix also tells you how to fix your slow website and make it faster and also it tells you if any plugins in your sites are causing problems or ef affecting your site speed.

To improve your site speed definitely check GTMetrix, that’s why we listed this in Top 10 websites.

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#6 ManageWP

ManageWP is a WordPress site manager, if you have more then on websites or any client websites then you can manage all those sites from one place in ManageWP.

It is very helpful for freelancers or web-developer those who design websites for clients and organizations and also managing it according to the services.

What makes it in our Top 10 websites are One-click updates, Safe Updates, Vulnerability check, Theme and Plugin Management, Incremental cloud BackUps and Free monthly BackUps.

Some the features it provides for efficient management:

  • Free and Premium BackUps
  • Cloud Migration Facility
  • Sites Uptime Monitor
  • Sucuri Security Check
  • Site Performance Check
  • Regular Client Reports
  • Google Analytics
  • Maintainance Mood and Code Snippets
  • Sites SEO Ranking
  • 2-factor Authentication and 1 click login
  • Free Template Builder and many more amazing features.

#7 WooRank

Top 10 Websites Useful for Bloggers and Web Designer 6

WooRank is an SEO checking and Optimizing Your On-page SEO Tool. It scans and indexes your website and gives you a score for your mobile and desktop performance.

It also shows you how your website shows on search engines like Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc. In another hand, it also helps in indexing your site properly and makes sure that there is no problems in Robot.txt files and XML Sitemap and many more.

#8 Pagespeed Insights by Google

PageSpeed Insights is the website speed checking tool by Google which shows how your site is performing in both Mobile and Desktop.

It analyzes your content of web-pages, server up-times and other various things to generate the suggestions on how to make your site faster. It is still in beta soon will be going official and this is the things we have included in Top 10 websites.

#9 TinyJpg

TinyJPG lessens the record size of your JPEG pictures. Each transferred picture is investigated to apply the most ideal JPEG encoding. In light of the substance of your picture, an ideal system is picked.

The outcome is a quality picture without squandering stockpiling or transmission capacity!

JPEG is the most well-known configuration for photographs on your sites and applications. Numerous JPEG records don’t utilize ideal pressure, squandering significant bytes.

Adjusting quality and little document size used to be a tedious undertaking that no one but people could do. Not any longer. Let us stress overpressure, Through which it got includes in our Top 10 websites.

#10 Freepik

Top 10 Websites Useful for Bloggers and Web Designer 7

Freepik is a community which provides Free vectors, best high-quality illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentations templates and many more. Which is very helpful specially for Web-Designers and bloggers that makes their work easy and time saving.

Some of the big companies uses Freepik like NASA, Amazon, Spotify, Microsoft, etc. It has over 5 Million of Resources, 100 Million Downloads, 50 Millions Monthly visitors and 20 Million Monthly unique users.


All this Top 10 websites for bloggers and Web-Designers are very useful and works flawlessly. This tools will make you pro-productive and save your valuable time. So enjoy trying this tools and for more update stay tuned with

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