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Top 40 Best Free Android Games To Try Out Now

In recent years Mobile Gaming has gone skyrocket and now it has become Billion Dollar Industry, now one can even build a career in mobile of pc gaming it has become a self job for many. As gaming is going crazy the smartphones are getting affordable and cheaper than before, so people can buy and play free Android games.

There are many free and popular Android games in Google Play Store, Games like PUBG, CALL OF DUTY, FORTNITE, ASPHALT 9, FREE FIRE, and many more. So we have tested some of the most popular and amazing Free Android games available in the Play Store.

As COVID -19 Pandemic is going on and most of the people are staying at home, they can download these Android games and enjoy in their boring time, games categorized in list:

  • Online Games
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Free World Games
  • FPS and Action Games
  • Racing and Moto Biking Games, Etc.

Free Android Games List Here:

Top 10 Racing Games:

Top 40 Best Free Android Games To Try Out Now
Free Android Games

#1 Asphalt 9 – Legends

This racing game is one of the most popular games in the Google Play store which is developed by Gameloft SE. It has over 10 Million+ downloads with 4.5 Ratings, its a very graphic demanding racing game just give it a try you will never regret. Size – 1.9 almost 2 GB.

#2 Need 4 Speed – No Limits

Need 4 Speed is one of the oldest racing games in PlayStore which is developed by Electronic EA and they have developed lots of games for both PC and Mobile. It has over 100 Million+ downloads with 4.0 Ratings.

This game is also very graphic intensive which makes the games more interactive and enjoyable. Size – 53 MB and Additional Obb download.

#3 Real Racing 3

Real Racing as the name says it gives the experience of real track and car simulation throughout the game, which also provides the online multiplayer option. It is a very popular game and first chooses for a racing game lover.

It has over 100 Million+ download in Play store with 4.4 overall ratings, this is a must-try game has amazing visuals and reality experience.

#4 Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is somewhat similar to Real Racing but it has its own different test with reasonable driving material science, speedfreak additional items and turbos, epic overwhelms, and dazzling West Coast areas, Rebel Racing carries a much-needed refresher to the versatile hustling category.

Gather, modify, and update an armada of genuine works of art and magnificent supercars, at that point powerslide your way to the highest point of the Rebel Racing competition!

  • Downloads – 10 Million+
  • Rating – 4.4
  • Size – 284 MB
  • Developed By – Hutch Gaming

#5 Gear.Club – True Racing

Gear.Club is one of the best racing game which has very good graphics and cars. Reasonable driving and dashing experience, with completely reenacted motors, powertrains, suspensions, and streamlined features.

It offers a full scope of choices for vehicles. Players can gather, update, and alter the absolute most beautiful fascinating vehicles in their exhibition shop and appreciate subtleties remembering motor and insides for 100% Graphic.

  • Downloads – 5 Million+
  • Rating – 4.1
  • Size – 1.2 GB
  • Developed By – Eden Games

#6 Nascar Heat Mobile

Nascar is one of the most popular Formula racing games which is a visually amazing and interactive game for heart beating racing game lovers. Must try free android games available in Google play store.

  • Downloads – 1 Million+
  • Rating – 3.4
  • Size – 1.2 GB
  • Developed By – 704 Games

#7 CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing is a no-1 racing game in play store which allows Setting another standard in illustrations for vehicle games, CSR2 conveys hyper-genuine racing to the palm of your hand. This game is a festival of vehicles in your pocket.

Dashing games have never been so genuine. Alter your vehicles, race against players around the globe, and assume control over the city. This game is rated for 13+ Only.

  • Downloads – 10 Million+
  • Rating – 4.6
  • Size – 2.0 GB
  • Developed By – Natural Motion Games

#8 GT Racing 2

GT Racing gives the Real car experience is consistent with life car venture including the most renowned vehicles on the planet!

The smash-hit establishment is back for nothing and it’s intended to offer an extraordinary degree of driving happiness, in the case of playing solo or multiplayer.

  • Downloads – 10 Millions+
  • Rating – 4.4 ( 13+ Years Only)
  • Size – 1.1 GB
  • Developed By – Gameloft SE

#9 Asphalt 8 – Airborne

Asphalt 8 is the previous version of Asphalt 9 which very popular at a time In Asphalt 8, you’ll race in probably the most sizzling, most superior dream machines at any point made, from vehicles to bicycles, as you take them on a worldwide voyage through speed.

From the bursting Nevada Desert to the difficult maneuvers of Tokyo, you’ll locate a universe of challenges, fervor, and arcade fun on your street to the top and the best Free android games in play store.

  • Download – 100 Million+
  • Rating – 4.4
  • Size – 84 MB and Additional OBB download.
  • Developed By – Gameloft SE

#10 Need 4 Speed – Most Wanted

Need 4 Speed – Most Wanted is also somewhat similar to Need 4 Speed No limit but here it has a limit and gets a police chasing and many other interesting things, just download and try it yourself it’s amazing.

  • Download – 1 Million+
  • Rating – 4.0
  • Size – 637 MB
  • Developed By – Electronic EA

Top 10 Action and Shooter Games:

Top 40 Best Free Android Games To Try Out Now 1
Free Android Games

#1 Call Of Duty® – Mobile

COD Mobile is an iconic multiplayer online game where you can customize characters and add social accounts to join millions of players around the world. It is also a loved game of shooters on mobile.

This game allows you to customize controls and various settings. It became most downloaded shooter game PUBG Mobile on mobile. It supports both on Android & IOS.

  • Downloads – 100 million +
  • Rating – 4.5
  • Size – 1.8 Gb
  • Developed By – Activision Publishing INC.

#2 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a remarkable game of mobile, An epic survive game where you fight with 100 players. It is an online-based game where you can squad up with your friends and voice chat.

Pubg Mobile is free to play, anytime, anywhere. There are more features of this game like payload, TDM, arcade and training modes. This is also in a purchased game where you buy skins and characters, etc.

  • Download – 100 million +
  • Rating – 4.3
  • Size – 1.74 Gb
  • Developed By – Tencent Games

#3 Garena – Free Fire

FREE FIRE is an amazing survival shooter and most downloaded in Playstore. In this mode, you can play with friends and defend 50 players.

10 minutes gameplay has become a new idea on mobile and also became the lightest game you can low ram mobiles. Easy to use controls and smooth graphics promises the best survival experience, Free android games.

  • Downloads – 500 million+
  • Rating – 4.3
  • Size – 534 Mb
  • Developed By – Garena International Pvt Ltd

#4 Mobile Legends – Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is a 5V5 multiplayer online game in Android & IOS. This game became the most eSports masterpiece of the year 2017. Choose your favorite heroes and defeat enemies.

Mobile Legends is a game based on hand skills of touch and minds. It is also 10 minutes survival game.

  • Download – 100 million +
  • Rating – 4.1
  • Size – 102 Mb
  • Developed By – Moonton

#5 Area F2 – Global Launch

Area F2 is an ultra-realistic game that gives you close combat fights with enemies almost like Call Of Duty Mobile.

Area F2 gaining love from users because of free agents as characters and global launch influenced people to enjoy its graphics and content which is free android games.

  • Downloads – 1 million +
  • Rating – 4.1
  • Size – 758 Mb
  • Developed By – Qookka Games

#6 Dead Trigger 2

After the success of Dead Trigger part 1, the most favorite RPG & Shooters game is Dead Trigger 2. The graphic of this game is awesome and gives you a hard feel of playing a realistic action shooting game.

Dead Trigger 2 is based on battlefields fighting against zombies. It is also an FPS shooting game where you have to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

  • Downloads – 50 million +
  • Rating – 4.6
  • Size – 551 Mb
  • Developed By – MadFinger Games

Additional Action and Shooter Games:

#7 Dead Effect 2

#8 ShadowGun – Legends

#9 Modern Combat 4 – Zero Hour

#10 Battle Prime – Online

Top 10 Arcade Games:

Top 40 Best Free Android Games To Try Out Now 2
Free Android Games

#1 Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world game and one of the most played Arcade game. This game is available for many platforms like Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, etc.

Minecraft is a very lite weight game that can be played in any low spec system. And its a great Free Android games.

  • Download – 10 Million+
  • Rating – 4.5
  • Size – 80MB and Additional Download
  • Developed By – Mojang

#2 Subway Surfers

Subway surfers are an iconic game that became popular after Temple Run got a little boring. These games came and hit the play store with a huge download and became popular in a few months.

It’s a very interesting game where you need to Run to escape from the police and it has running trains were you must not get hit by any.

  • Download – 1 Billion+
  • Rating – 4.5
  • Size – 98 MB
  • Developed By – Sybo Games

#3 Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is also one of the most downloaded Arcade games in the play store, which has a very interesting concept and easy to play where you need to cut fruits with Ninja Knife.

With this game, you never get bored at all, best suited for kids and teens because it doesn’t have any age restriction how so ever and that’s the reason we have listed in our top free android games.

  • Download – 100 Million+
  • Rating – 4.4
  • Size – 82 MB
  • Developed By – Halfbrick Studio

#4 Bubble Shooter 2

Bubble Shooter 2 is one of my best game, you can spend lots of your time in this game. This game is very interesting and has interactive.

Its an very lite game you can install it on any low spec smartphone and that’s the reason we have include it in our top free android games.

  • Download – 10 Million+
  • Rating – 4.1
  • Size – 23 MB
  • Developed By – Bubble Shooter

#5 Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most popular games of its era. This game is similar to Subway Surfer but Temple Run came first.

This story behind it was you stole a precious stone and run to save your life from a beast which is very interesting and fun to play the best free android games.

  • Download – 500 Million+
  • Rating – 4.1
  • Size – 38 MB
  • Developed By – Imangi Studio

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Additional Arcade Games Must Try:

#6 Sonic Dash

#7 Coin Rush

#8 Cooking Fever

#9 Grand Theft Auto – Vice City

#10 Hungry Shark Evolution

Top 10 Roleplay Games:

Top 40 Best Free Android Games To Try Out Now 3
Free Android Games

#1 Eternium

Eternium is an Action RPG and Roleplay game which is very fun enjoyable. The graphic is very interactive and rich. Free android games with attracting signs to cast spells are simple and fulfilling.

The tap-to-move control is more regular and unwinding than thumbsticks, and it’s likewise more genuine to the vintage point-and-snap Action RPG experience.

  • Download – 10 Million+
  • Rating – 4.8
  • Size – 101 MB
  • Developed By – Making Fun Inc.

#2 Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is the best Roleplay game I have ever played, the graphic looks fantastic and the game is very responsive after all its an Action Fight game. Pick your looks and a battling weapon.

Gather huge amounts of various weapons and reinforcement on your excursion. The free android games which are open to exceptional capacities by gathering interesting sets. Impact the storyline by picking your group.

  • Download – 50 Million+
  • Rating – 4.2
  • Size – 112 MB
  • Developed By – NEKKI
  • The Best Free Android Games

#3 Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO – This game have been hyped out recently and hit the play store with millions of download, its an Roleplay and Free world game.

Here you have to catch Pokemon and collect them as a reward for which you have to go out and search for them, Its a very interesting concept and makes you interact with the world outside also keeps you active at the same time.

  • Download – 100 Million+
  • Rating – 4.5
  • Size – 97 MB
  • Developed By – Niantic Inc.

#4 Hero Wars

Hero Wars – The most downloaded game in the Roleplay category which has the best in Class graphics and Characters to play.

Increase the assortment of the mightiest Heroes, open every one of their aptitudes and capacities. Force them up to a level past accomplishment, experience them in PvP Arena fights, Guild Wars, and RPG fight battles.

  • Download – 10 Million+
  • Rating – 4.5
  • Size – 73 MB
  • Developed By – NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD.

#5 Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is an Futuristic Game with very unique design and concept and every single marvel Character which makes this game more lovable and crazy.

The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Best free game by marvel More than 200 characters from the Marvel Universe which are ready to play.

Download – 50 Million+
Rating – 4.4
Size – 102 MB
Developed By – NetMarble

Additional Roleplay Games Must Try:

#6 Life After – Free Android Games

#7 WWE Champions 2020 – Free Android Games

#8 Raid – Shadow Legends – Free Android Games

#9 Art Of Conquest – Dark Horizon – Free Android Games

#10 Games of Thrones – Conquest™ – Free Android Games


This is our list of Free Android Games which you must try now, We have handpicked these amazing games for you guys hope you enjoy it. Not Everyone can effort Playstations or expensive PC to play their favorite games, So mobile games provide the best experience in the Budget. And games like Pubg, Call Of Duty and Fortnite have ported to Mobile which is a big plus point. Enjoy Thanks !!

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