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Why Android 11 Will Be The Huge Upgrade For Gamers

Google has recently announced the Android 11 Developer Preview beta update officially for the Google Pixel devices and for all the Project Treble supported devices. In the event that you don’t have either Pixel Devices or Project Treble Devices, at that point, you can download the framework picture document for Android Studio Emulator.

As Google has discharged the framework pictures for designers to introduce the new Android OS and experience it, we will strongly prescribe you to streak the firmware and take advantage of every single new element that comes with it.

Before making a beeline for the highlights of the principal Android 11 Developer Preview, investigate the official stable discharge date.

Why Android 11 Will Be Huge Upgrade For Gamers
Android 11

Android 11 Features That Will Boost Your Gaming Experience

It was launched with tones of new amazing features and some existing improvements, and this Android version also comes with features that can help and enhance your gaming experience drastically.

So we have covered some of the features that may enhance Your Gaming Experience.

#1 Variable Refresh Management:

Now, In Android 11 you can set the preferred frame rate to particular Apps and windows for the better experience which will also help while gaming and so. You can flexibly switch between frame-rate whenever it’s required.

This feature is very much required as nowadays smartphones were coming with the various high configurable frame-rates display.

#2 Enhanced Dark Mode:

Why Android 11 Will Be The Huge Upgrade For Gamers 1
Dark Mode

Dark Mode is just material for AMOLED Display gadgets. It Increases the battery life and eye-strain also. It isn’t for everybody. But this time Android R going to give Dark Mode option to every Display device.

While similar to what MIUI and IOS offer booked/programmed dark mode as indicated by the clock or day/night. That ought to likewise be executed for each and every major Android 11 running phone.

#3 Native Screen Recording:

Google is planning this feature for a long time, it was rumored to arrive in Android 10 and it was shown on Android Preview Build but didn’t make its way to the final release.

And finally Google confirms its going to drop this feature in Android 11 this year, which every must demanded by Android Dev Community.

You could utilize the screen recorder in the 1st Android 11 Preview however it is substantially more refined in Developer Preview 2. This feature is going to help those mobile gamer’s out there, so they can record their gameplay and can upload on youtube or on any other social media platform.

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#4 Increased Touched Sensitivity:

Google have introduced Touch Sensitive option in Sittings through which your can switch between how much sensitivity you prefer. Its an great feature for those who love to put some kind of screen protector on their display.

It also drastically help mobile gamer’s in getting few more kill in Pubg or COD, Good Touch response matter’s a lot in the world of mobile gaming.

#5 Improved Notification Muting:

Why Android 11 Will Be The Huge Upgrade For Gamers 2
Mute Notifications – Pic Credit Pixabay

Muting notifications is one of the peaceful features we wanted from very long, you can stop/mute notifications when you are playing games, watching videos/Films, video conferencing, or while reading books.

Its a very handy feature to have for mobile gamer’s because nobody wants to get notified while playing the game and near Chicken Dinner.

#6 Wifi Suggestion API:

The Wi-Fi Suggest API will permit the availability to oversee applications to deal with their own systems network. For example, the availability of overseeing applications will presently have the option to evacuate organize recommendations, oversee Passpoint systems, and so on.

This feature in Andriod 11 will give proper network speed required while playing you play your favourite games.

#7 New DND UI:

Why Android 11 Will Be The Huge Upgrade For Gamers 3
Android 11 – DND Mode – Pic Credit Pixabay

Do Not Disturb in has been improved and UI is changed, Now it’s pretty straight forward. And also UI has been improved or modified in various places of Android 11, Which makes it more appealing to the user and gives Seattle Viewing Experience.

#8 Every Time Asks for App Permissions:

All the Android 11 clients will get an alternative “Ask Every Time” for application Permission. It will ask you each time whether the application needs any permission for the camera, calls, Location, and so on.

This feature will be valuable for a large portion of the User as you can deny application permission for once and it won’t approach you for the subsequent time.

There are many other features which are listed below:

  • Muting notifications during video
  • Notification History
  • Auto revoke app permissions
  • Undo recently cleared apps
  • gesture tweaking
  • Airplane mode doesn’t kill Bluetooth
  • clock tweaks in Pixel Themes
  • New Motion Sense option for Pixel 4
  • App pinning in the share menu
  • Enhanced notification shade conversations
  • Enhanced one-time permissions

Features for Developers

  • App exit reasons updates
  • ADB incremental installations
  • Wireless debugging improvements
  • A new memory safety tool
  • Improved data access auditing
  • Enhancements for Project Mainline
  • 5G state API

Chart Released by Google with Time and Build of Android 11

Why Android 11 Will Be The Huge Upgrade For Gamers 4
Pic Credit – Google

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