Why Rank Math SEO Is Better Then Yoast SEO In 2020 2

Why Rank Math SEO Is Better Then Yoast SEO In 2020

More often bloggers use SEO Tools in their WordPress blogs and when it comes to WordPress it provides hundreds of paid and free SEO Tools. But the majority of the bloggers use Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Both SEO Tools have millions of downloads and users, And between both SEO Plugins, there are lots of debates going around the web against, which is best and who will hold the first place within each other.

So, lets start will Yoast Seo:

Yoast Seo:

Why Rank Math SEO Is Better Then Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO Tools in the WordPress community, Yoast SEO was introduced in 2008 and helping million of Website users across the world to rank higher in search engines.

Yoast SEO is the most loved WordPress SEO module of a huge number of clients around the world! As Yoast’s crucial SEO for Everyone, the module’s clients run from the pastry shop around the bend to probably the most well-known locales on earth.

Yoast SEO takes care of:

  • Title and meta portrayal templating for better marking and predictable scraps in the list items.
  • A cutting edge Schema usage helps web indexes comprehend your website and builds the opportunity on those pined for rich outcomes.
  • The most progressive XML Sitemaps usefulness at the press of a catch.
  • Full authority over your site’s breadcrumbs.
  • Naturally set sanctioned URLs to evade copy content.

Some of the premium services Yoast SEO provide:

  • Support for our Yoast SEO Premium clients.
  • The capacity to extend Yoast SEO with the News SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO, and WooCommerce SEO augmentations.
  • Social sneak peeks to give you how your substance will appear on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Insights apparatus that gives you what your content spotlights on. Thusly you can keep your article in accordance with your keyphrase.
  • The capacity to enhance your article for equivalent words and related keyphrases.
  • Perceive diverse word types of your keyphrase, similar to particular and plurals, yet in addition various tenses of action words in English for now. It causes you to improve your content in a progressively characteristic manner.
  • Programmed interior connecting recommendations: compose your article and consequently get proposed presents on connection to!

Some of the additional features Yoast SEO provides are:

Tunes the motor of your site so you can concentrate on making incredible substance.

Gives your foundation content and inner connecting highlights to assist you with positioning for the correct watchwords with the correct pages. Causes you to deal with your group’s WordPress SEO endeavors: with our SEO jobs, you can give associates access to explicit areas of the Yoast SEO module.

Has a mass editorial manager so you can make enormous scope alters to the titles and meta depictions of your site. Makes an interpretation of your substance to organized information where conceivable to help web crawlers comprehend your site.


Thou Yoast SEO has all the good features in premium as well as in the free version of it through which anyone can start their SEO with it. But It lacks some of the modern features when it compares to Rank Math SEO, which we will cover now.

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RankMath SEO:

Why Rank Math SEO Is Better Then Yoast SEO In 2020 3
Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO is one of the best SEO Tools available in WordPress, It has all the modern required features we need to Rank our website in Google. This is also available in Free and Premium version.

Rank Math SEO is slightly more superior then Yoast SEO Tool in many ways which are cover down below. Why Rank Math SEO is better Then Yoast SEO and why you must choose Rank Math SEO Tool for your website:

Its host of savvy highlights brings top SEO abilities in your grasp that were beforehand far off. The savvy mechanization highlights give you the intensity of a whole SEO group with only a couple of snaps.

A very much idea out plan, incredible highlights, and long periods of advancement by the MyThemeShop crew make Rank Math a game-changing SEO module that will level the SEO playing field in support of you.

Some of the Features of Rank Math SEO which makes it different and better from other SEO Tools:

It is very easy to set-up – Rank Math essentially designs itself. Rank Math includes a bit by bit establishment and design wizard that sets up SEO for WordPress splendidly. Also Configuring Google Schema Markup is made easy to set-up in Rank Math SEO.

Other Optimization services which is provided by Rank Math SEO:

  • Optimize Unlimited Keywords
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Google Keyword Ranking
  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
  • 34 Detailed SEO Tests
  • Module Based System
  • Smart Redirection Manager
  • Local Business SEO
  • SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs
  • 404 Monitor
  • Deep Content Analysis Tests
  • Internal Linking Suggestions
  • Role Manager
  • Multisite Ready

Some of the feature which is under premium version in several SEO plugin, but Rankmath Provides those features in free version.

So why we said Rank Math SEO is better then Yoast SEO:

It’s because of the optimization it does, which is way better than its predecessor. It also provides Auto Configuration all you have to do is set some options in Rank Math. Even after having this many features, it has a trivial load on your server.

It also comes with New SEO Analyzer build-in which provides recommendations that you don’t have to spend thousands of Rupees. It has extensive Implementation of Elementor Page Builder by which now you don’t have to go back and forth between tabs to design your page’s SEO. Everything identified with SEO for Elementor can be designed in the visual supervisor.

Few more features which keeps it ahead of Other SEO Tools are:

  • Optimize UNLIMITED Keywords At Once
  • 1-Click Import From Yoast
  • 1-Click Import From AIO SEO
  • 1-Click Import From All In One Schema Rich Snippets
  • 1-Click Import From SEOPress SEO
  • 1-Click Import From Redirection and even
  • Google Keyword Suggestion


So, as we have seen that Rank Math SEO is far more superior then Yoast SEO with features. Some of the Premium features other SEO Tools are available in the free version of Rankmath. Like awesome optimization, Free Premium Schemas, Auto-Configuration, Mistakes or Error fixing Suggestion and many more Exciting Features that every website owner thinks of. For More update on this topic stay tuned with your own naswave.com

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